History of Vaal Triangle Squash

The Vaal Triangle started to play provincial squash as a province. The pioneers in starting our squash province were people like Cliff Barnes, Johann Calitz, John Clayton and Jeff Langton. Before this date squash was played as local league, but not on provincial level. Some players like Dennis Human played Jarvis for
Vaal Triangles team to SACD in George
Men – Won their section – Toepie Wood, Ian Cass, John Clayton, R Tyndall, Jeff Langton and Pat Farla
Women – Atri Wilson, Salome Pienaar, Sarie Hartzenberg, Marietjie Kritzinger, Doreen v/d Merwe and Honor Greyling.
Salome Pienaar was the runner-up in the individuals during the SACD

Vaal Triangle teams: Men – Ian Cass, John Clayton, Harold Dickerson, Pat Farla and Jeff Langton. Women – Salome Pienaar, Marietjie Kritzinger, Honor Greyling, I Basson and E Halliday. Usco Started playing Transvaal league (2nd and 6th league) later the Usco side included any player in the area because of travelling costs to Johannesburg.

SACD – Men runners-up in Newcastle. The team were Ian Cass, John Clayton, Toepie Wood, Harold Dickerson, Pat Farla, Jeff Langton.
The womens SACD team were Salome Pienaar, Marietjie Kritzinger, Honor Greyling, I Basson, Sarie Hartzenberg and Elize Halliday.
USCO played in the Transvaal league in the 2nd and 6th leagues

SACD – Men winners of their section in Kimberley.

Vaal Triangle teams : Men – Ian Cass, Toepie Wood, Fanie Hattingh, Pat Farla and Jeff Langton. Women – Atri Wilson, Sarie Hartzenberg, Doreen van der Merwe, Marietjie Kritzinger and H Sieberhagen.
Vaal Triangle teams – Men A – John Clayton, Ian Cass, Toepie Wood, Jeff Langton, Pat Farla. Men B –Glen Bryce-Borthwick, Fielie v/d Walt, Kobus Sandenberg, Daan Gouws, Harold Dickerson and Gerald Porter Women – Sarie Hartzenberg, Marietjie Kritzinger, Atri Wilson, Doreen v/d Merwe and Salome Pienaar.
League teams – 1st -8, Res. 10, 2nd – 10, 3rd 10 and 4th 10 teams
Usco A winners of 1st league and Verref B winners of Reserve league.
Vaal Triangle Masters Squash was started by Eddie Fitzhenry and is still going strong.

League results Men 1st –Usco A, Res. Sasol B, 2nd – Sasol C, 3rd – Heilbron, 4th – Iscor G
1985 Schools 38 teams in league, Championship 80 players. U/19 B 10 Tal Benschacher Runner-up Pieter vd Westhuizen. U10 G – Carol Cass Runner-up – Christi Joubert. U 16 –B Grant Langton. U16 G Delienne Naude

Vaal Triangle team Men – Johan Smit, Willie Esterhuizen, Toepie Wood, John Clayton and Harold Dickerson
Vaal Triangle team Women – Toets v/d Westhuizen, Doreen v/d Merwe, Hester de Klerk, Avril Jennings, Ronel de Swart en Marie Trusler

League results Men: 1st – VCC A, Res. Glen Douglas A, 2nd – VCC C, 3rd – Iscor G, 4th – Iscor E
Women : 1st – VCC A and 2nd – Sasol B
Sportsman of the year was Stefan de Wet and Sports-woman of the year Doreen v/d Merwe
Most improved players ; men –Ettienne Koekemoer and Women – Illona Muller
Juniors – The first ever Vaal Triangle U/12 teams to Cape Town. The boys were Duane Hocknell, Danie Grovè, Gerhardt Greeff, Henry van der Walt and Benjamin van der Merwe. The girls were Lynette Swartz, Matilda Jubber, Hendra van der Merwe and Jandri Keyzer. Doreen van der Mwerwe and Sarie Hartzenberg accompanied the teams.

League teams – Men 1st 11, Res. 10, 2nd 10, 3rd 10, 4th 6 teams ladies 1st 5 and 2nd 5 teams

League teams : Men 1st -8 teams, Res. – 10, 2nd – 10, and – 8, 4th – 8 teams. Women 1st – 5 and 2nd – 5

Hendra v/d Merwe is number 1 on the SA ladder for girls U/19. She also holds the number 12 position on the SA women’s ladder. She was the official reserve for the South African side to Australia.
Toepie Wood started to organise the Blitz league

Hendra v/d Merwe is number 22 on the SA ladder.

Danie Grove represent the South African boys U/19 side to Zambia.

Declan Silver, Pieter Lategan, Johan van Rensburg, Hester de Klerk and Belinda Stein were chosen to play in the Jarvis/Kaplan tournament.
Tenille Swartz, Mary-Ann Bowden, Janus Botha and Paul Prinsloo represented South Africa overseas as juniors.

League results: 1st – Iscor A, Res. Iscor F, 2nd – Iscor I, 3rd – Parys E. Kyle Dougherty and Ronnie du Plessis was elected to play in Jarvis tournament.
The Parys school girls did very well. Tenille Swartz was number 1 on the South African ladder, while Mary-Ann Bowden was number 2 and Mignionette de Bruin was number 8. All from one school and one club. Brilliant. Tenille also played for the South African U/19 side in Holland.

Tenille Swartz is number 28 in the world. She was also named by WISPA (Womens International Squash Player Association) as the “Young player of the year” after she won her first WISPA tournament – The Meersquash Open in Hoofdorp, Holland at the age of 19. She was the SA womens champion.
The Blitz league changes to Summer league

Tenille Swartz is number 38 in the world. She is the SA womens champion. No womens league since 2007 until 2014
Masters did quite well and the men 35C, 40B and 50B won their sections on the IPT.

Francois Smith (jr) is number 5 in South Africa for boys under 14. Christine Ferreira is number 5 on the SA ladder and played for SA girls U/19 against Botswana and Malaysia.

Tenille is the SA womens champion. No womens league

Tenille van der Merwe (Swartz) is the SA womens champion.

Graham Hocknell (on behalf of the Vaal Triangle Masters) received the trophy in Pretoria as the best organised province for Masters Squash.

The Vaal Triangle have participated in the following tournaments during the past almost fourty years: Jarvis, Kaplan, SA Country Districts (SACD), SA Country Festival, Bodac/Goldfields, Mielieland, Vaal Triangle Quadrangular, Secunda/Eastern Tvl Highveld Quadrangular, Northern Natal Inter Provincial, Dave Short, SA Masters IPT, …
Vanaf 2007 geen dames liga
Tenille Swartz nommer 38 in die wêreld in 30/07/2007
Vivienne Doeg (Nickholls) 1997 no 12 in SA
Dubbels toernooie – vroeër meer sosiaal, tans 92014) meer ernstig
Uitslae 2007 1e Parys A, R = parys B, 3e = maccauvlei B, 3e = Mittal N
2007 1e 7spanne, R = 10, 2e = 9 en 3e = 8 spanne
Uitslae 2008 1 =Mittal C, R = meyerton A, 3 = meyerton B, 3 Parys D

2004 SACD span m = declan Silver, Pieter Lategan, Johan v Rensburg, Riaan Myburgh, ?
2004 SACD V = Hester de Klerk, Ronnie du Plessis, Paula Ernst, Judy OReilly
2003 uitslae 1e Iscor A, R = Anglo A, 2e –Anglo B, 3e – Glenn Douglas C
2003 was nog damesliga
2003 Tat beheer Blitsliga
1987 – bane gebruik in liga Heilbron 2, Iscor 12, Meyerton 2, Sasol 4, Vereeniging Country Club 2, Usco 2, Verref 1, Cape Gate 1 = 26
2004 Dames Tenille, Mary-Ann Bowden, Hester de Klerk, Marietjie Kritzinger, Belinda Stein????
Stephan de Wet Kampioen Jaar??????
Vroue liga begin deur Salome Pienaar

Different clubs that were part of the Vaal Triangle league at some time up to 2014:
Amcor, Brick and Tile – later Vereeniging Refractories and today Verref, Buccaneers, Cape Gate, Century, Divpac, Glen Douglas, Granco, Heilbron, Iscor – later Mittal and today Arcelor Mittal, Maccauvlei (earlier New Vaal), Meyerton, Nashua, Old Vaal, Parys, River of Life, Roshnee, Sasol, Technicon, Usco, Vaalrand SA Police, Vereeniging Country Club (VCC). The very first squash courts in the Vaal Triangle was the cement floored courts of Government Village in Vereeniging.
Schools Squash
The schools league was initiated by Salome Pienaar. In June 1980 the Vaal Triangle was divided into 2 sections. The western section included the schools of Vanderbijlpark and Sasolburg and was orginised by Salome Pienaar. The eastern section included the schools of Vereeniging and Meyerton and was organized by Johann Strauss. From 1981 all the schools participated in only one section. Under the chairmanship of Salome Pienaar many provincial tournaments were attended and there-for lots of the scholars of the Vaal Triangle received Vaal Triangle colours.
Not only did teachers help with the coaching of the juniors, but some senior squash players were involved in the coaching of the juniors. Juniors included players from matric down to players younger than 6 years old. People that did a lot for coaching out of their own free will must be mentioned. They are Salome Pienaar, Doreen van der Merwe, Elize Prinsloo, Johan Calitz, Mike Woodroffe, Graham Hocknell, Johann Strauss, Johan Smit,
A special word must be said towards the juniors of Parys. This must be the school or squash club with the best junior players in the wold. Junior players with world and national rankings came from Parys. Outstanding juniors such as Tenille Swartz, Hendra van der Merwe, Mary-Ann Bowden, Christine Ferreira, Francois Smith and Leandri Sieberhagen must be mentioned. The reasons for this outstanding success stories can be named as Elize Prinsloo and Doreen van der Merwe. The Parys High School won the “Squash Top School” award in SA in 2005.
Summer league or earlier known as Blitz league.
The purpose of the Blitz league (the brain child of Toepie Wood) was to get the players fit for league. This league was played in the beginning of the year (Jan/Febr.) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. When Toepie left the area Tat Greyvenstein took over and did the organizing. Later, under Graham Hocknell, it was changed to the current Summer league. The purpose of the summer league is more social, but also to help the players to keep fit during the off season.
Business league
The Vaal Triangle squash players of 2016 want to thank the squash pioneers of 1976. Thank you for what you guys have started so that we can still enjoy squash as a province. A province small in size and numbers but big in attitude and heart.